About ENN  Social Responsibility

About ENN

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Social Responsibility

“Energy, environment and sustainable development have become the subjects that the human society must face and solve”

ENN established the ENN Charity Foundation, systematically and professionally performed the enterprise social responsibility, organized and implemented green projects, school building projects, motivational projects, quality projects and other core projects, actively participated in disaster relief, initiated the Rainbow Flower volunteer activity, and helped the disadvantaged group. It has totally donated 580 million yuan so far.

  • 社會責任

    Economic responsibility

    Care about employees, lead the industry development, promote national economy and participate in international competition.

  • 社會責任

    Environmental responsibility

    Pay attention to energy saving and emission reduction, advocate low-carbon life, and perform environmental responsibility with practical actions.

  • 社會責任


    Serve the disadvantaged group, support education, be enthusiastic in volunteer activity, and promote social harmony.