The signing ceremony of ENN’s comprehensive implementation of “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” Beidou Precise Service Network was held  in Golden Elephant recently. The ceremony was sponsored by the Location Based Service (“LBS”) Alliance of China, the Global Navigation Satellite System (“GNSS”) & LBS Association of China, the China Gas Association and assisted by ENN.

    The grand event was witnessed by Jiang Hongjiang, Deputy Party Chief of Langfang City, Sun Jiadong, Chief Designer of Beidou Satellite Navigation System and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Rongjiu, Director of GNSS & LBS Association of China and its Secretary General Miao Qianjun, Wang Tianxi, Director of China Gas Association and its Secretary General Chi Guojing, Cheung Yip Sang, President of ENN Group, Han Jishen, President of ENN Energy and representatives from companies who had built and adopted the Beidou precise service. The awarding ceremony of ENN’s demonstrative implementation of “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” Beidou Precise Service Network was also held in the same event.

    In 2014, initiated by the GNSS & LBS Association of China and China Gas Association, the “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” project kicked off and was firstly  implemented in city-gas industry. Deeply integrated with the Beidou satellite system and cutting-edge technologies including Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things etc.,  the project provided more precise location information for the construction, daily management, maintenance, emergency repair etc., of gas pipeline network, unfolding a new era for the improvement of the intelligent management and operation of city-gas pipeline network. Beidou Precise Service Network has set up service stations and built a connected network in more than 10 cities in 9 provinces in China up to date, demonstrating wide implementation of such advanced system in China’s city-gas pipeline network management.

    ENN’s comprehensive implementation of “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” Beidou Precise Service Network will help improve its intelligent and fine operation and management and provide Big Data platform support for ENN’s “Internet Plus” energy strategy. Meanwhile, the implementation marked the beginning of the large-scale application of the Beidou system in gas industry,  which on the other hand provided broader prospect of the implementation of Beidou system in the market.

    After signing the agreement, ENN will gradually build Beidou Precise Service Stations in over 140 city-gas projects nationwide, connect the stations with Beidou’s national precise service network and integrate ENN’s existing GPS application into Beidou Precise Service Network to achieve better  results. ENN will also introduce Beidu facilities and technologies to all aspects of its city-gas business including engineering, operation, safety, customer service etc., fully optimize its businesses leveraging the convergence of internet technology and IT system, thus providing solid foundation for the transformation, upgrade and sustainable development of its project companies.

    As the “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” project successfully implemented in city-gas pipelines, relevant government authorities including the National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration of Work Safety etc. highly emphasized the project and offered great support. The National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information listed the project in its eight key generally deployed projects in 2015.

    After the signing ceremony, Sun Jiadong, Zhang Rongjiu and Wang Tianxi were shown around ENN accompanied by management including Han Jishen, Vice President of ENN Energy. The guests spoke highly of ENN’s development during the tour.

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