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     “Real Help, Priceless Love.” Mr. Wu, a driver, recently sent a silk banner to Bengbu ENN Gas to thank two ENN employees for helping him at need.

    On the morning of March 16, tank car driver Shen Shibing and supercargo Sun Biao drove a natural gas tank car, returning from a gas station on Fenglin Road. When passing the Donghai Avenue crossroad near the university town, they saw smoke came out from the hood of a Passat car with car no. WC00184. Mr. Wu, the driver of the car, was burning with anxiety. Shen Shibing pulled over the tank car and hinted Sun Biao to set up a temporary parking sign to ensure safety. Shen picked up a fire extinguisher from the cab and rapidly ran to the car on fire to try to put out the fire. Fortunately, with timely measures, the car wasn’t drastically affected. Shen and Sun continued their journey after stifling the fire.

    According to Mr. Wu, he planned to get his car examined at the vehicle administration office. However, the accident happened on his way to the vehicle administration office. His heart is still fluttering with fear every time he talks about the accident. Without help from the two ENN Gas employees that day, he could do nothing but seeing his car burned down. Therefore, he visited the company to express his gratitude with a silk banner marked with “Real Help, Priceless Love”.

    Huaian ENN Gas was recently honored the title ‘Quality Service Window’ of Jiangsu’s housing and urban-rural development system. All service window units in Jiangsu province’s housing and urban-rural development system in 2017 participated in the selection. Huaian ENN Gas outperformed other service units and received the honor.

    Huaian ENN Gas has been actively responding to Chinese government’s appeal all the time to pay much attention to housing and urban-rural development of the entire province. It further enhances service awareness, increases service level and regulates service behavior with the theme ‘Striving for Excellence, Setting up a Good Image’ and the goals ‘Quality Service, Excellent Style of Work and Graceful Environment’. Huaian ENN Gas has been adhering to the ‘customer-oriented’ purpose all the time, serves every customer with a sincere attitude and professional skills and is well accepted and widely acclaimed by customers.

    The selection greatly inspires the confidence of employees from Huaian ENN Gas. Huaian ENN Gas will make persistent efforts to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, to offer customers better, more efficient and shortcut services and to make more contribution to driving higher quality development of housing and urban-rural development.

       A delegation led by ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen visited branches in Northeast China to check their market development situation and development situation of key projects from March 19 to 23. The delegation also paid official visits to government leaders of three Northeastern provinces and relevant cities and attended a ‘smart energy project(Pan Energy Net)’ cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony held for ENN Energy’ Energy Distribution branch and Daqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Energy Distribution Senior Vice President and Northeast China General Manager Jiang Zhaoxing and Energy Distribution Vice President Zhu Lei participated in all activities.
      The delegation respectively visited branches in Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, listened to special reports given by men in charge of these branches on future development planning and expansion situation of key projects and paid field visits to a range of Pan Energy projects including Dalian Jitong gas project, Jilin Oilfield Pan Energy project, Daqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Hongwei Park and Xinghua Park. The delegation also paid official visits to government leaders of three Northeastern provinces and relevant cities to introduce corporate mission and development history of ENN Energy in detail and fully communicate on ENN Energy’s Pan Energy concept and its thinking of better serving economic transition of the three Northeastern provinces in the future. Governments of all levels and enterprises highly approved the advanced concept and core technology of ENN Group and expected to cooperate with ENN Energy in a deeper level by setting up a specialized team to accelerate work docking and jointly promote the implementation of key tasks like the economical rejuvenation of northeast China and air pollution prevention.
      During the visit to projects in Northeast China, ENN Energy signed a cooperation framework agreement with Daqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone on a smart energy (Pan Energy Net) project. The landing of the project will be a good example and be used as reference for rapid development of Pan Energy projects in Northeast China.

    Home is a warm harbor in everyone’s heart. We have small homes and we also have big homes. We enjoy warmth in our small homes and take responsibilities. We make arduous efforts in our big homes to realize our value. March 3, 2018 is not only the traditional Lantern Festival of China, but also Moon Festival of ENN Energy. ENN Energy’s leaders, staff and their family members celebrated the festival together with happy laughters and cheerful voices. Here are some highlights of this year’s Moon Festival.

     Family members of outstanding employees were arranged to visit the group as a part of the Moon Festival celebrations to enable them to know more about ENN. They visited the Smart Enterprise Operation Center and the Pan Energy Digital Center.

    Commending and Discussing with Excellent Family Members of Employees: ENN and Employees Form a Community with Common Destiny and a Community with Common Undertaking

    After the visit, a symposium was held for excellent family members of ENN employees. ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President Zhang Guozhong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Wang Chunbo, and Administrative Service Energizing Department Convener Song Di exchanged ideas with them.

    During the symposium, Zhang Guozhong delivered a welcome speech, thanked them for what they have done and introduced achievements of ENN Energy in 2017 and development ideas in 2018. Han Jishen and Zhang Guozhong respectively issued certificates and prizes to excellent family members of employees. Corresponding employees presented bouquets to their family members and expressed their gratitude.

    Han appreciated these family members for what they have done for the development of ENN and said ENN will keep inheriting its ‘Home Culture’. He also expected family members of employees to keep supporting ENN employees’ work as well as ENN’s development like they always do. In the end, Han described the blue print for future development of ENN Energy. ENN will build a bigger career platform for employees through strategic upgrade and management restructuring. He expected every employee to share responsibilities with ENN, to create values with ENN and share values with ENN. Let ENN Energy and employees become a community with common destiny and common undertaking! 

    A rich mixture of amusement activities were arranged after the symposium, bringing together numerous visitors bustlingly. The entire Energy Distribution building was decorated with lanterns and streamers, exuding jubilant atmosphere.
    If the big home is like the ocean, the small home is like the waves. If the big home is like the bright and clear starry sky, the small home is like the twinkling stars. The Moon Festival ended amid laughters.

    ENN Energy wishes every small home prosperous, happy and healthy and our big home keep flourishing and create glory again!
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